No Limitz


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Produced by: $MASH-Hitz

All Hail One-Man-Bands!


I remember I couldn't afford a Ford Escort,
Or even afford a track recorder,
So it's only right that I let the top drop on my drop top Porsche,
For ya self, that's important,

If ya stripper name Porscha and you get tips from many men,
Then ya fat friend her nick name is mini van,
Excuse me, that's just the Henny man,
I smoke, I drink, I'm posed' to stop I can't because,

Ain't no limits to this shit, Ain't no limits to this shit,
Ain't no limits to this shit, It ain't no limits to this shit,
Ain't no limits to this shit, It ain't no limits to this shit,

Fuck society, always telling me to back off,
Live ya life, ain't no limits to it all,
Ain't no limits to this shit, Aint no limits to this shit,
It ain't no limits, nah,

[Hook Repeat]

This is slight work,
That's how it look if yo eyes work,
Puffin dro until my eyes hurt,
Nigga this is my turf,
And you don't know my worth,
So what you thinking that it's gone work?

Ass lookin fat bet she gone twerk,
Strippin' on Sunday she don't go to church,
I'm a fly ass nigga sitting on a perch,
You can never come in last, if you do it first,

Hold up,

Niggas always talking how they hood rich,
Then why you still living in the hood bitch?
If my palm is itching, that mean a hundred dollars coming,
Straight to my pocket all nice and crispy,

And I deal with all kind of chicks,
Some pacifists, some like my hits,
Some be getting all on a nigga nerves and shit,
That's why I never really feed the fuckin' birds and shit,

And now we live it, how you feeling?
Times is hard but never tripping,
Cause on weekends we pour bottles,
Til' our bodies fill with just liquid,

Got dammit I'm living! How you feeling?
I'm in the sky with that ribbon,
It's self defense when she throw her pussy at me,
And I kill it!



Man getting money, ain't limit to this shit,
Talking hundred dollar bills in mint condition,
Ain't no limits to this shit, AIn't no limits to this shit,
It aint no limits, nah

I'm a killer,
Now tell me who realer,
I'm the dope, and the dope dealer,
You can't clean me out of your system,
You see my meth is always purer,

No days off, no Ferris Bueller,
Call me slick Rick The Ruler,
I'm always hot, that makes me cooler,
Why would a winner like me fuck with y'all losers?,

But hold up,

Tell that man run and ask who make Hitz like Smash,
Give that man extra gas and he still come in last,
645 smash, can't see when I pass,
Cause if you did, I wouldn't of said what kinda that I have,

It aint no limits to this babe, I got like 7 of them,
If they ain't buying from us, then we ain't selling to them,
I sell a flower a seed, I sell a hooker a sin,
I think they hate on me, cause I get more love than them,

I'm a bit unique, you looking at a stud, (ahem)
The same dude who'll find a 20 in the mud, (ahem)
Financial aid got a nigga feeling good,
I hope I don't do, you know what,

Splurge, palms itching got the urge,
I'm nervous, need a blunt to calm my nerves,
I know I look guilty,
But I did the job cause I knew I'd be filthy, rich



released January 13, 2014
Produced by: $MASH x Hitz



all rights reserved


$MASH-HITZ Los Angeles, California

$MASH-HITZ is a Los Angeles, CA (Carson based) Recording Artist, Record Producer, Record Engineer, and Graphic Designer. Being known for doing everything on his own, this guy is the definition of a "One-Man-Band". Repping KENS and pushing his clothing line FAOL™, $MASH-HITZ is on the rise to becoming a legendary Los Angeles rap star. ... more

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